Abortion: Which Method is Right for Me?

New Which Method is Right for Me?
Choosing between an abortion with procedure or with pill

Answer these questions using the following scale:
4 = strongly agree  3 = agree  2 = disagree  1 =strongly disagree  0 = not applicable/ don’t know

_____ I dread going to the doctor. I always get very anxious.
_____ Pelvic exams are very difficult for me. I can never relax.
_____ I would like to include my partner or other person in the whole process.
_____ I like the idea that a miscarriage is more ‘natural.’
_____ I have had a miscarriage with a lot of bleeding before so I know what that’s like.
_____ I live close by and coming back for a follow-up exam would be no problem.
_____ I am under 18 and my parents know all about what I am doing.
_____ I would really like to take my time with this process and experience it.
_____ I don’t panic or freak out with pain or bleeding.
_____ I am usually very good at following directions about my health.
_____ I know it’s hard to predict how this experience will be for me and I’m OK with that uncertainty.
_____ My regular period bleeding is heavy. I am OK with lots of clots and bleeding.
_____ I have easy access to a phone, transportation and I live pretty close to medical help if I need it.
_____ I don’t have responsibilities for others and can clear my calendar the day after my appointment, and if need be, the following day too.
_____I would do anything to avoid needles or shots.


People who have these concerns are often more comfortable with the medication, or abortion pill.

____ I really want to get this over with.
____ I want the method that is more of a sure thing.
____ My schedule is really busy. I can’t afford much downtime for this.
____ I am trying to hide this from my partner/parents or housemates
____ I am leaving town in the next week or so.
____ I live far away, or have a crazy schedule, so it would be hard to get back here for a follow-up exam.
____ I’m under 18 and my parents don’t know I’m pregnant or that I am having an abortion.
____ I have difficulty speaking English, especially over the phone.
____ My partner (or someone else) is upset and is trying to stop me from having an abortion.
____ I have a bleeding disorder/I am on corticosteroids (ex: prednisone)
____ I get very nervous about medical stuff. I worry that something dangerous might be happening.
____ Uncertainty drives me crazy; I really need to know what’s going on and whether it will work.
____ I am responsible for children or others and I don’t have anyone to help me with that.
____ I live out in the country and/or don’t have easy access to transportation.
____ I feel safer in a medical facility with a doctor and nurses around.


People who have these concerns are often more comfortable with the in-office procedure.
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