Abortions Syracuse NY Metro

One Visit Abortions Syracuse NY, Utica NY and North

 Dr. Amy Cousins offers one visit appointments--procedure with sedation or abortion pill --within a week of your call to women from Syracuse, Utica area, and the North Country. Call 1-800-676-9011 or request an appointment online.

Syracuse is about an hour from our office and we also see many women from Northern NY—St. Lawrence and Jefferson Counties, and Utica and Rome NY.  Dr. Cousins offers IV pain relief and oral sedation and we accept most insurance, including NYS Medicaid.  Our cash fees are reasonable and some discounts may apply. We offer you respectful, prompt care.

Directions from Syracuse and points North:

Follow Route 81 South to Binghamton.  After you pass Exit 5 (DO NOT get off at "Front St."--a common mistake) there will be a fork on the road to Route 17 West (future 86). Follow 17 West to Exit 67S Vestal, and then follow the sign that says Exit to 434. Take a left onto 434 West, also known as the Vestal Parkway. Go two traffic lights and take a left at the Valvoline Oil Change and an immediate right onto Front St. The first parking lot on your right is one we share with Southern Tier Physical Therapy. See map here.

  Our office is opposite this building.

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