Amy R. Cousins, MD Credentials

Dr. Amy R. Cousins is a licensed physician in New York. She graduated from Harvard Medical School and completed two residencies, one in surgery and one in obstetrics/gynecology. She was the chief resident at Mt. Sinai Hospital earlier in her career. Dr. Cousins has been performing pregnancy terminations for more than 30 years. She received the Blair award from Family Planning Advocates in 2009.
Abortion Services

Access for Women

Access for Women which manages the practice for Dr. Amy R. Cousins is an Employee owned company committed to quality abortion care.
Our director, Peg Johnston, is  past chair of Abortion Care Network (ACN) and current board member of Abortion Conversation Projects (ACP), and works to eliminate the stigma surrounding abortion. She created The Pregnancy Options Workbooks
Get involved with efforts to ensure access to good reproductive healthcare. Our Aphrodite Access Fund helps women who have no insurance. (Mail to PO box 642 Vestal NY 13851.) Our patients also get help from the New York Abortion Access Fund
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