Patient Info

Patient Information

Aftercare Instructions (Post Abortion)
Post abortion problems are rare but, as with all medical procedures, we are concerned about infection and too much bleeding. Please follow our post abortion care instructions carefully.

Emotional Aftercare
Ending a pregnancy can be a difficult life decision and it is completely normal to have feelings about it. We offer emotional aftercare information if you're having emotional distress after your abortion.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
We cover most commonly asked questionsby patients, parents, partners, and friends. If you're a young person we offer a helpful handout how to tell your parents that you're pregnant. Parents, click here.
In Spanish, for young people, for parents.

Access for Women is an employee owned company which manages the practice for Dr. Amy R. Cousins.
Our director, Peg Johnston, is  past chair of Abortion Care Network (ACN), whose goal is to eliminate the stigma surrounding abortion.
Get involved with efforts to ensure access to good reproductive healthcare. There is a need for financial assistance. Funds & Friends
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