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Dr. Amy Cousins provides one visit abortion services for women in Upstate NY and Northeastern PA in her private office near Binghamton NY. No extra charge for sedation. Also, well woman care and emergency contraception.

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Not all abortion clinics are equal! Our all female staff is committed to creating an office that recognizes what you are going through. We want you to be as comfortable physically and emotionally as possible. Please feel free to ask questions and tell us your concerns.

Waiting RoomDr. Amy Cousins performs abortions with only one visit* up to 13 weeks from the first day of the last normal period.  Her office is in Vestal NY, near Binghamton and within driving distance of Syracuse, Oswego, Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, Corning, Elmira, and Middletown. Dr. Cousins uses the vacuum aspiration method, which is the safest, most common method of early pregnancy termination. Early abortion (less than 8 weeks) is possible both surgically and with the abortion pill called Mifeprex. Ultrasounds are done routinely for all patients and an additional ultrasound after the abortion may be performed for early pregnancies. (*Abortions with Mifeprex, the abortion pill require a follow up visit here.)

Recovery RoomPatients are not put to sleep, but various sedation options, including IV pain relief, are available at no extra cost to patients who request it AND have a ride home. All patients are given a local anesthetic and medication to minimize discomfort. Routine lab tests, including a repeat pregnancy test and blood typing, are provided for all patients. NO Parental consent and Waiting Periods: By N.Y.S. law, any woman may request an abortion without the consent of parents, guardian, or spouse. There is no age requirement or 24 hour waiting period.


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Emergency Contraception (Morning After Treatment) is available for sale in our office, for $30 for our patients. 

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